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Digital marketing courses


This digital marketing course is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the fundamental concepts, allowing you to grasp the subject’s depth before fully committing to it.


This digital marketing course is crafted to enhance your understanding of core concepts & provide a comprehensive introduction to the essential tools used in the digital marketing industry.


This digital marketing course merges the foundational ‘seed’ course with the advanced ‘seedling’ course, offering an enriched curriculum that includes high-level learning and practical guidance to implement and execute your ideas.


This comprehensive course encompasses all three levels, providing advanced guidance on mastering digital marketing tools. Additionally, it offers practical implementation of these tools and strategies, including detailed case studies.

About Us

Livebrain Technologies has been working in digital marketing for over 14 years.
We started Livebrain Academy to share our knowledge and help create top-notch digital marketing work.
We also think that in today’s world, where technology is so advanced, just having a certificate isn’t enough. You need to keep learning on your own to really succeed.
Learn how to learn,
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14 years of agency experience

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